Your Resilience Might Inspire Others Without You Realizing It

Rex Castle talks about resilience, change, and inspiring others

Rex Castle and Me at our Texas BBQ Confab

I heard a very cool story from friend and colleague Rex Castle from Tyler Technologies in Lubbock, TX a couple of months ago. It’s a great example how you just be your resilient self..or practicing resilience…can insipre others.
I was down there doing a program on story-telling, and Rex, over a meal of Texas BBQ, shared how he responded to a major life change: getting downsized. I loved the story because of what a friend and colleague said to him about the way he was handling the transition and how it inspired her. The interview we did tells this story of resilience, but it’s much more than just that.


Rex went on to share some practical reminders of what you can do to keep your spirits up after a job loss, and move forward during difficult times of change and uncertainty. 

BTW, Rex is a great storyteller (one of the best interviewees I’ve ever worked with…I’ve interviewed him on a number of occasions), so I recommend listening to his story of resilience.

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