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“How To Do More Of What You Know Will Improve Your Life…And Less Of The Things That Keep You Stuck”

 with Amy Wood, PsyD. and David Lee

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April 11th  – 12PM – 1PM EST


Do you find yourself not taking the very actions — exercising, eating better, working on that book, putting that program or product together – that you KNOW will create the results you want?

Are you wasting too much energy on berating yourself for doing things you KNOW don’t bring you closer to your goals or help you become the person you were meant to be?

Do you feel frustrated with yourself because you KNOW you have valuable gifts and ideas to share with the world, and you’re just spinning your wheels?

Join the club.

Even the most accomplished people struggle with “I am not doing what I know I need to be doing”  bouts at times.

That being said, there are things that the most productive and seemingly self-disciplined people do more of than most people.

There are things YOU can do to increase the odds that YOU do those things you know you should.

In this webinar, Amy Wood, PsyD and David Lee will share some of the best strategies for getting yourself to take those actions that you know will lead to success.

Here’s a bit of what you will learn:

  1. Why big lofty goals and compelling reasons are often not enough to get you off the couch—literally or figuratively…and what you need to add to the mix to get yourself moving.
  2. How to use neuroscience to retrain your brain to like doing the right things.
  3. Why your years of affirmations haven’t worked.
  4. How to use the concept of “The Hierarchy of Verbs” that a marketing genius uses to gear himself up.
  5. How a fundamental principle of chemistry offers an important clue for how to push yourself out of the gate.
  6. Why beating yourself up about self-discipline is useless and where you need to put your attention instead.

David and Amy are sharing their secrets with you not because they have any illusion that they have it all figured out, but from a place of being practiced in the science of new habit formation.

Come join us in moving beyond resistance and into the exhilarating flow of goal accomplishment.

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amy woodAbout Amy Wood: Amy Wood, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist with deep knowledge of human nature and a gift for helping adults become their own versions of successful. Having worked with clients ranging from seriously disturbed psychiatric patients and incarcerated criminals to community leaders and corporate executives, she knows how people handle obstacles and how they change. No matter how complex the challenge, Dr. Wood has helped someone through it – all from the empowering perspective that every individual, regardless of circumstances, is a unique and valuable individual with the inner resources necessary to articulate and accomplish their goals.

She facilitates growth and development through speaking engagements, writing, consulting, and one-on-one and group sessions. Dr. Wood is the author of Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World and co-hosts the radio show Your Money & Your Life on Dreamvisions 7 radio. She also hosts the Life Your Way segment on Mind Your Own Business radio and is often featured in media ranging from local newspaper and TV to national radio and popular magazines like Parade and Women’s Day. For more of her work, go to http://amywoodpsyd.com/wordpress/


David Lee

David Lee

David Lee is the founder of HumanNatureAtWork.com, StoriesThatChange.com, and this website and speaking business. David Lee’s work draws from a wide range of scientific disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, anthropology, psychoneuroimmunology, trauma and resilience research, and paleopsychology.Taking this research which typically doesn’t find its way into the business world, David translates these principles of human nature into practical leadership and managerial strategies that optimize employee performance.

Using the popular TV show The Dog Whisperer as an analogy for the difference understanding human nature makes, David’s work helps people become “People Whisperers” in their dealings with others and understand more of the “Owner’s Manual” to their brain and body.

Register for this free webinar

(if you cannot attend, you can get the recording and listen later. Also, you can also just listen to the audio)