They Mysterious Power of Beauty

beauty and the soulI was just watching a DVD of Loreena McKennit in concert, held at the amazing Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. As I watched and listened to her amazing voice–truly a voice that connects you with The Mystery–I was reminded of the mysterious power of beauty to nourish the soul and the importance of beauty in our lives.

Do you have enough beauty in your life?

Think about the things that please your senses: the sights, sounds, aromas, and textures.

Consider your surroundings. Are they pleasing to you?

Do you have pictures, photographs, and plants that are pleasing to your eye? 

Do you bring into your day sounds that uplift your spirits?

What about your clothes and the fabrics you wear. Do they nourish you kinesthetically?

Just as we have Minimum Daily Requirements of minerals and vitamins, I think we have minimum daily requirements of pleasing sensory input.

As you reflect on how you might enjoy more beauty in your life, please enjoy this video from the concert.



“Beauty is a primary principle that touches all parts and functions of our being. It opens us to the world and brings harmony to our relations with others and with nature; it helps us reach out and touch the entire universe.” The author begins this profound mapping of beauty with an examination of it as “an affirmation of life.” It enchants us, renews us, and gives us hope.

Book review of Beauty and the Soul: The Extraordinary Power of Everyday Beauty to Heal Your Life by Piero Ferrucci at Spirituality and Practice

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