The Power of Spreading Goodwill

I just read a great story by Dave Dee in a Dan Kennedy newsletter on marketing that was a great example of “what you put out is what you receive.”

He shared how he witnessed four women of Northwest Airlines being verbally battered by people angry about a flight delay due to the weather, which was obviously not these four women’s fault.

Dave noticed how composed the ladies remained, despite the onslaught.

He left the area to buy himself a comfort drink of hot chocolate. While there, he decided to get the Northwest ladies hot chocolate too.

He handed them their hot chocolates and let them know he saw them…he saw what was going on and recognized what a great job they were doing handling it.

They were blown away, telling him it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for them.

Even Though Good Things Come Back To You…That’s Really Not the Point

Later, one of them walked up to him, told him they had a present for HIM, and handed him a first class seat assignment. They had just gotten one–and only one-first class cancellation and wanted him to have it.

In his column, Dave went  on to emphasize that he didn’t use his Psychic Salesman tools to curry favor, nor did he hope or expect anything in return.

The good feeling he got from seeing them so happy was payment enough. By the way, I was at an event that Dave Dee spoke at (a Dan Kennedy event) and was struck by his warm, sincere, authentic way of being, so I do believe he gave those hot chocolates simply out of kindness, not to set up a quid pro quo.

But…the Instant Karma he received was simply an example of what we give out, comes back to us.

He then talked about how this same principle is true in sales and marketing: rather than focusing on what you are going to say to a prospect, focus on being 100% present to them. Think of when you’re a customer and someone is trying to force something on you vs. when someone demonstrates honest interest in your needs and explores how they can help you meet them.

It’s a far different experience, isn’t it?

How Can YOU Apply This In YOUR Life?

Now, let’s take this same principle into everyday life. How can we spread goodwill?

1. Practice being a more present listener to everyone. Few people truly listen to others. They just wait patiently–or not so patiently–for the other person to finish so they can talk.

2. Look for opportunities to compliment others. Notice what they’re wearing. If it’s anything unusual, you can be sure it’s meaningful to them, it’s a statement about them. Show them you “see” them by commenting on it.

3. Look for opportunities to be kind and generous. Offer a bigger tip than usual. Go out of your way to give someone a helping hand, especially when your natural inclination might be to focus on “#1” and get your to-do list done.

Not only will you be spreading goodwill, you’ll also be giving yourself a great gift: the wonderful feeling that comes from being kind and helpful to others.

So…who can you give some “Hot Chocolate” to?

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