Start Off Your Day With a Powerful Morning Ritual

Guest Post by Joe Carabase



Joe Carabase-Fitness Coach Extraordinaire

I met Joe at a conference about a year ago and was really impressed with his fun, effective approach to fitness–especially for busy people who want to get maximally fit without living in a gym. He’s the creator of The 1 Hour A Week Workout.

 I subscribe to his ezine (info at the bottom of his post) which has lots of really  useful info, and loved what he had to say about creating a morning ritual that sets the tone for a fulfilling, successful day. As I teach in my resilience programs, if we start off the day in chaos, we are likely to feel at the mercy of whatever the day serves up. Conversely, if we start the day off by creating a serence, strong emotional and physiological state, we’re far more capable of handling whatever comes our way. So here’s Joe…


My Morning Ritual


We pick up habits for one of three reasons:

1.     We see parents/siblings/friends/roommates do them: A large part of who you are is the result of who you spend more your time around.

2.    It’s easy: It’s human nature to take the easiest path of resistance…when given a choice, most people are going to do what they feel more comfortable and are at ease doing.

3.     We’ve been doing it for a while and it’s not painful: The key to this one is “not painful.” It’s been proven that we act not out of pleasure but in fear of pain or to prevent pain from occurring. 

What’s your morning ritual?

You may be thinking easy there zen master Joe, I don’t do rituals, but if there was a gun to your head and you had to write out what you did every morning…it would look almost identical each day and this would be considered a ritual.

 I can tell you my old ritual:

1. Wake up to an obnoxious alarm and jump out of bed….at the latest possible point

2. Run around to get ready

3. Blend a quick shake as I’m brewing a coffee

4. Put my food in my lunch box

5. Run out the door


eh…just writing that out sounds stressful and it was. All you see is RUSH RUSH RUSH…Now on a side note I want to point out that rushing leads to hormonal stress and increases your cortisol levels. In turn this negatively affects your fat burning capabilities. 

The coritsol affect happens mostly internally and then externally over time…but aside from that, I wasn’t in love with my morning routine but it wasn’t painful either. So I kept doing it.

For years I would hear my mentors talk about rising with the sun; the importance of waking up when most are asleep and start your day by moving. I’d always doubt I could do that. I would say I’m not a morning guy ..I can’t workout in the morning..I got to bed too late 

Finally I said srew it…I’m going to waking up early enough to get a workout in and make it work…It has not only worked, I’ve never felt better. 

 My Morning Ritual

1. Set an alarm for 10 minutes before I want to wake up so I can relax for 10 minutes as I get out of bed. Generally this is either 5:30, 5:50 or 6:20. 

2. Brush my teeth, take my vitamins, put in my contacts and clothes on.

3. Drink 12-32 oz’s of water.

4. Perform 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching, static hamstring stretches, mobility drills, power yoga and foam rolling.

To see some of the stuff I’m talking about, check out my videos below:

  1.  Stretches you need to do everyday 
  2. Ways to improve hip mobility
  3. Yoga on the beach

5. Either get a workout in (I work out first thing 4 of 6 days a week) or start my work day

Rather then rush, wake up earlier! You will make up for sleep as you start going to bed earlier. After a few mornings of waking up early, you will fall asleep early.

Hold your coffee to mid day or at least mid morning – you do not need it first thing!

Earlier I mentioned we continue to do things because they cause no pain…well this ritual makes you feel amazing. We need to start doing things that cause us a feeling of awesomeness NOT because it doesn’t cause pain.


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