Whatever Life Brings

Facing Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty with Courage, Confidence, and Optimism

By David Lee

Are you facing a major challenge in your life and would like to feel more confident and serene?


Would you simply like to reduce your stress level…and…enjoy greater serenity and energy…no matter what the day serves up?

If so, this presentation—recorded at a benefit event for the Cancer Community Center—will give you the practices, principles, and tools for accomplishing your goal.

From this DVD/CD set, you will take away:

  1. A simple, powerful tool for shifting yourself from frustrated and irritated to calm and peaceful.
  2. Two powerful systems for getting in charge of your thoughts and emotions when you’re stressed, rather than them being in charge of you.
  3. A mindset shift tool that will train your brain to notice the hidden opportunities in problems and crises. This can help you turn crises into the opportunity of a lifetime.
  4. The single most important ingredient for developing greater resilience…that most people don’t do…and therefore stay stressed out much of their lives.
  5. A simple “blueprint” for designing your life so you have more energy and passion.
    …and more.

Because it takes repetition for us to truly learn and integrate information, this program also comes with a CD of the program, so you can easily review while driving or making dinner.

Note: This package includes a DVD and a CD of the program, to allow for more convenient review and reinforcement of the material. To receive a free copy of the program manual with recommended resources email me.

Here’s an excerpt:

Instant Perspective: The Stress Management “All Purpose Cleaner”

What Others’ Say About David Lee’s Work

Naomi Judd attended an earlier version of this program. Here’s what she said:

Naomi Judd After Attending An Earlier Version of This Program

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job keynoting our conference. As you could tell by the response, participants loved both the content and the delivery of your presentation.

Dr. Ian Gawler, Director, The Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia

Having seen a lot of speakers, I can’t tell you just how impressed I was by David. I even waited in line to talk with him… I learned a great deal and laughed my butt off in the process… When we have someone who is so genuine and so well prepared, we owe it to each other to spread the word…. I take it very seriously when I recommend someone else’s work and… he’s great!

Naomi Judd

I am still in disbelief, and am really impressed with your attitude David. You have such a special gift, and you just drove it home with everyone. I will never ever forget your time with us.

Josh Libby, President of the National Cued Speech Association, Washington, DC

“Your presentation on resiliency is extraordinary. I left with a specific action plan for improving the quality of my daily life. Your kindness, your knowledge, and your energy combined for a helpful and inspirational workshop.”

Brenda Foster, Director of Communications, Healthwise, Idaho

Guarantee: If you don’t love this program, return it within 90 days for a refund.

 Price: $49 plus postage