Your Mythic Journey

Discovering Your Unique Path, Gifts, and Life Lessons

with David Lee

Each of us is called to live a life that is uniquely ours. Yet, we often go about our lives without reflecting upon our unique journey. We frequently weather life’s ups and downs and our daily dramas without reflecting on the lessons we are being invited to learn and the gifts we’re here to share. When we do this, we live a life far smaller than the life that is ours to live.

In this CD, you will have the chance to view your life journey through a larger – and deeper – perspective, using the “Hero’s Journey” model of Dr. Joseph Campbell. Through a mixture of lecture, discussion, individual self-reflection, story-telling, and guided imagery, you will learn principles and practices for bringing greater meaning, richness, and serenity into your life.

You Can Use the Mythic Journey Model to:

  • Bring greater meaning and depth to your life by providing a larger, timeless, more sacred perspective from which to view both life crises and your life as a whole.
  • Recognize – and break free of – reoccurring, counterproductive patterns in your life.
  • See difficult people in your life in a more compassionate, wisdom-generating way.
  • Provide a model for transcending the dramas and petty preoccupations that frequent everyday life.
  • Bring greater mindfulness to everyday life, and therefore more delight.
  • Extract useful life lessons and simple wisdom from everyday events.

What Others Say About “Your Mythic Journey” and David Lee:

I love Joseph Campbell. I love David Whyte. And I love David Lee for giving us “Your Mythic Journey.” David gently invites us to come along with him as we explore our own Mythic Journey. His stories leap into our hearts, pointing out a direction, a way to make sense of life, if we will  but listen. This is a CD that I will recommend to anyone who is seeking the next step on their spiritual path.

Winter Robinson, author of “The Hidden Order”

The message in “Your Mythic Journey” is both profound and personal.  David offers a unique perspective in an authentic conversational format that leaves one curious and hopeful: perhaps our ordinary lives do matter — way more than we realize. This CD is full of good ideas to wake us up and get us moving into a richer, fuller version of our own wonderful selves. It is also entertaining and uplifting, making it easy to share the message with friends and family, as well as clients and colleagues.

Bonnie Vestal, MD Oncologist and Medical Counselor

Having seen a lot of speakers, I can’t tell you just how impressed I was by David. I even waited in line to talk with him… I learned a great deal and laughed my butt off in the process… When we have someone who is so genuine and so well prepared, we owe it to each other to spread the word…. I take it very seriously when I recommend someone else’s work and… he’s great!

–  Naomi Judd

David Lee’s CD “Your Mythic Journey” is a show piece of his mastery as a trainer and his wealth of knowledge. I have used his CD personally and my clients have loved it.”

Corinne Bongiovanni, LCSW

The information on this CD is a wonderful reminder of the fact that, first, we all have a special purpose on this earth, and second, we need to make the connection to help find some direction on this path of purpose.  The guided imagery that David leads is genuine and filled with an essence of warmth to this end.  One is left with a feeling of peaceful significance.

Marie Hunsinger

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