Bring It On!

Enjoy Less Stress and More Serenity … No Matter What the Day Brings

Rather than settle for “stress management”, learn how to stop stress in its tracks. The better you are at stopping stress in the first place, the happier and healthier you will be. Also, people who know how to handle the demands and pressures of today’s work world without getting stressed, are more effective and happy at work.

This program, based on David Lee’s 25 years in the stress management and resilience field, will provide you with practical strategies for dealing with stress, presented to you in a fun, light-hearted way.

This presentation is far different from traditional “stress management” programs focusing on relaxation techniques. It synthesizes current research and cutting edge techniques with time tested principles, the result being an approach designed for today’s modern world.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Maintain peak performance despite the demands, pressures, and difficult people each work day brings.
  • Deal with difficult situations and people without losing your cool.
  • Create a “life ecosystem” that nourishes and revitalizes you.
  • Experience greater energy, passion, and vitality.
  • Recognize – and eliminate – ways you create stress in your life.
  • Respond to change and uncertainty with greater flexibility, adaptability, and optimism.

This presentation was recorded in 2005 and is a nice compliment to the “Whatever Life Brings” DVD/CD which was recorded in 2010. It provides some of the “How to” that we were not able to get into at the Whatever Life Brings event.

Guarantee: If you don’t love this program, return it within 90 days for a refund.

$19 plus shipping

What Others Say About David Lee’s Work

Naomi Judd attended an earlier version of this program. Here’s what she said:

Naomi Judd After Attending An Earlier Version of This Program

“Thank you for doing such an outstanding job keynoting our conference. As you could tell by the response, participants loved both the content and the delivery of your presentation.”

Dr. Ian Gawler, Director, The Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia

“Having seen a lot of speakers, I can’t tell you just how impressed I was by David. I even waited in line to talk with him… I learned a great deal and laughed my butt off in the process… When we have someone who is so genuine and so well prepared, we owe it to each other to spread the word…. I take it very seriously when I recommend someone else’s work and… he’s great!”

Naomi Judd

“I am still in disbelief, and am really impressed with your attitude David. You have such a special gift, and you just drove it home with everyone. I will never ever forget your time with us. .”

Josh Libby, President of the National Cued Speech Association,
Washington, DC

“Your presentation on resiliency is extraordinary. I left with a specific action plan for improving the quality of my daily life. Your kindness, your knowledge, and your energy combined for a helpful and inspirational workshop.”

Brenda Foster, Director of Communications, Healthwise, Idaho

$19 plus shipping