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Individual and Organizational Resilience “Combo Pack” Sale 

Get both of David Lee’s individual resilience products, plus his brand  new “Bring It On!: How to Create a Resilient Workforce with a Warrior Spirit” CD–recorded at an international conference, plus his interview “How to Create a Bring It On Culture: The Seven Things You Must Do”…get them before the end of the year and get over 40% off.

Bring It On!:Enjoy Less Stress and More Serenity…No Matter What The Day Brings (CD)

In this program, recorded in 2005 at a  national conference, you will learn practical strategies and techniques for increasing your ability to handle the pressures, demands, and uncertainties of today’s world without becoming stressed out. For more information…

Whatever Life Brings: Facing Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty with Courage, Confidence, and Optimism (DVD/CD set)

Are you facing a major challenge in your life and would like to feel more confident and serene?

Or… would you simply like to reduce your stress level…and…enjoy greater serenity and energy…no matter what the day serves up?

If so, this program—recorded at a benefit event for the Cancer Community Center—will give you the practices, principles, and tools for accomplishing your goal. For more information…

Your Mythic Journey: Discovering Your Unique Path, Gifts, & Life Lessons (CD)

Each of us is called to live a life that is uniquely ours. Yet, we often go about our lives without reflecting upon our unique journey. We frequently weather life’s ups and downs and our daily dramas without reflecting on the lessons we are being invited to learn and the gifts we’re here to share. When we do this, we live a life far smaller than the life that is ours to live.

In this CD, you will have the chance to view your life journey through a larger – and deeper – perspective, using the “Hero’s Journey” model of Dr. Joseph Campbell. Through a mixture of lecture, discussion, individual self-reflection, story-telling, and guided imagery, you will learn principles and practices for bringing greater meaning, richness, and serenity into your life. For more info…