MIA: A Story About Hope

I came across another reminder that when you’re going through a tough time, it’s important to remind yourself that this is just a chapter in your life’s story…not the whole the story. In other words, this difficult chapter will come to an end.

Here’s what happened…

I was walking in the neighborhood and came upon a man walking a tiny Pomeranian. She was this adorable ball of fluff.

I bent down and started patting her. As I did, the man, Roger, started to tell me her story.

Mia was a puppy mill breeding dog. She had produced nine litters and had ended up at a rescue shelter. She had been adopted, but because of her trauma-induced behaviors, her new owner was unable to keep her. She was one day away from being euthanized when Roger and his wife Lucy heard about her and went to see her.

Mia was a wreck. She had lost most of her hair and all of her teeth due to trauma and malnourishment.

Can you imagine the living hell that was her life for so many years?

And now…she lives in what can only be described as Doggie-Heaven-On-Earth. She is so obviously deeply loved and very much pampered. When you watch Roger and Lucy with Mia, you can see their love and tenderness.

Amusingly, Mia is the Queen Bee of the three dogs in the house, even though the two others Ellie, a Golden Retriever and Maggie, a poodle mix, are many times her size.


Whenever I see Mia (they named her that to pay homage to her having been Missing In Action)…I cannot help but think about what an amazingly good life she has now and how thankful I am that she does.

When I reflect on her story, it reminds me that when we’re in the midst of despair and dark times, it’s important for us to remember that there is always hope.

What examples in your life can remind you of this, so if you are going through a difficult time right now, you can remember that there is always hope and that the bad times can change in an instant?


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