Leaving a Successful Career and Stepping Into the Unknown

An Interview with Dr. Bonnie Vestal, Pediatric Oncologist

Dr. Bonnie Vestal walked away from a successful and satisfying career as a pediatric oncologist to follow a new path as a medical counselor.

As the world of medicine had changed, she no longer had the time to address the important emotional needs of her patients. Seeing this critical need going unaddressed, she decided to take the leap and begin a new career where her work focused on helping people navigate difficult passages in life brought on by life threatening illnesses.

Since then, her work has expanded to include anyone interested in “turning the crisis of change into the opportunity of a lifetime”.

To learn more about Dr. Vestal’s work, go to BonnieVestal.com

This interview was excerpted from the teleseminar “The Courage to Begin: How to Take the First Step to Follow Your Dream, Share Your Gifts, and Make a Difference in the World…and Create a Life of Abundance” which you can register to download here

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