How the Practice of Gratitude Can Fortify You

Lisa Ryan, founder of Grategy

You probably know about the growing body of research showing the health and happiness benefits of practicing gratitude. If not, just search “Gratitude Research”, and there it’ll be.

However, regularly practicing gratitude is also a huge resilience-building strategy. It’s also one of the best ways to be an “Energizer” (I have an article on this at

I just did an interview with Lisa Ryan of Grategy where she talks about how making the practice of gratitude for the last couple of years has made a profound difference in her ability to respond resourcefully with the loss of a job a few months ago.

I asked Lisa if she would be willing to do an interview because of her inspiring blog post (the links on the interview page)

Here’s the recording of our interview on Lisa’s major life change and how she’s using gratitude to turn this major life change into an opportunity.

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  1. Lisa Ryan says:

    Thanks David! It was very fun meeting you on the phone and I appreciate the interview. Thanks!

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