Having the Courage to Live The Life You Were Meant to Live

One of my favorite quotes on living the life we were meant to live comes from Rumi:

“There is one thing in this world that you must never forget to do.  If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about; but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.

It’s as if a king has sent you to some country to do a task, and you perform a hundred other services, but not the one he sent you to do.  So human beings come to this world to do particular work.  That work is the purpose, and each is specific to the person.”

If you’re feeling like  “I want to do that, I want to live my mission, but I’m not sure what it is” or “I want to, but I’m afraid…” then check out the  recording of the teleseminar I did with Susanna Liller titled:

The Courage to Begin:

How to Take the First Step to Follow Your Dream, Share Your Gifts, and Make a Difference in the World…and Make a Great Living Doing So!

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