Give thanks…and brighten someone’s day

I just received a heart warming email that reminded me how important it is for us to let those people who have made a difference in our lives know that.

Here’s the email I received (the sender gave me permission to share it):

“A long while ago you posted an article about a young woman at Staples. (note: I used to write a blog focused on customer service)

I am that young woman.

I was thinking about this article the other day and I realized that I never thanked you for the opportunities that opened up afterwards.

My boss actually found the article and showed me afterwards, and I was very appreciative. I got a monetary raise, but more importantly I got a raise in my spirits. It gave me the confidence to know that what I was doing was right.

Now I’m working customer service in New York City and going to school for business management.
To be honest I don’t think I’d be here without the article. I might be, I might not. I suppose I’ll never truly know, but I’ve used that article to push sell my skill set to perspective jobs and I feel it’s helped.

I have no idea if you still check these things, this was quite some time ago of course (admittedly I’m much to slow with this thanks but it’s been an interesting couple of years.) But regardless it was something that needed to be said. So thank you.”


How sweet is that?

It was especially meaningful because sometimes I wonder ” Am I really making a difference in people’s lives?”

Even though people are often very generous with their compliments after a presentation, I know enough about the research on seminars and motivational speeches to know that often very little of what people hear gets translated into action. So it was especially nice to get that email.

Also, if you read the blog post, it’s also a good example of how WE never know the impact we have on others. She might not have realized what an impact her warm, friendly service attitude made on her customers.

She, just like the rest of us, had no idea in the moment how her kindness would come back to her to later.

So, during this season of Thanksgiving (at least if you’re in the States), let’s reflect on those people who have made a difference in our lives and let them know.

Who are those people in YOUR life?

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