Don’t Wait For Your Ship to Come In…Build Your Ship

susan-hyatt-createyourownluckSteve Lahey, from, just did an outstanding interview with an amazing author, speaker, coach Susan Hyatt. I don’t use the word “amazing” lightly. A lot of times when I listen to interviews, I find myself thinking “OK…yeah…that’s obvious, nothing new here…” and end up feeling frustrated.

Not so with this interview! It isn’t just that Susan has some great stories to make her ideas come alive and help you bond with her, she takes truisms that you might have heard many times before and frames them in a way that feel fresh and…impact at a deeper level.

The interview covers a wide range of stories and examples that are both inspiring and instructional.

One concept that really hit home was how mindful she has been about not hoping for a big break–like here getting on Oprah–but rather continuing to do the little things day in and day out to make her own luck.

When the opportunity DID present herself, she was ready. Moreso…she did things that were unglamorous and just plain hard work that allowed the door of opportunity to open.

In her words, rather than hoping her ship would come in–rather than hoping that affirmations would manifest the ship (my words)–she took action to build her own ship.

BTW, if you’re aware of my love of storytelling (e.g. my website you’ll understand why I also loved the interview because it’s a GREAT example of how to use stories–both very brief ones and longer ones–to make your ideas come alive and hit home.

So…I highly recommend you listen or…go to and download the MP3

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