Dave’s Killer Bread: A Story About Starting Over

A couple of years ago, my friend Bonnie  told me about a brand of bread called Dave’s Killer Bread that produced two products, the Peace Bomb and Sin Dawg, that were major favorites of hers and among her circle of friends.

When we went looking for them at the Boise Co-Op, I was instantly captivated by the brand’s logo.

“This guy looks like a real character…like a fun dude with a cool story” I thought. I went online and found the company’s website and Dave’s story. It’s a story of overcoming major mistakes. It’s a story about how you can reverse course, despite a long track record that could lead someone to feeling that they could never turn their life around.

It’s a great example of how your past does not predict your future.

Here’s a video from the Dave’s Killer Bread website.

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