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Talking Yourself Into Success

My good friend Krista Irmischer just sent me a sweet video of a little girl challenging herself to scale a doorframe. Not only does she demonstrate some serious climbing cred, she demonstrates how to use self-talk to support success, rather than predict failure. Notice she doesn’t say “I hope I can do it” or “This […]

“I am responsible for my emotional state”, repeat…”I am responsible…”

I just read an excellent, thought-provoking blog posted titled Go Ahead-Push My Buttons  by Kathy Toon, author of Put Your Game Face On and a three time NCAA winning coach. It reminded me of the “I am responsible for my emotional state” saying my friend Fran Liautaud has used over the years when talking about difficult people she’s […]

Change: Crisis or Opportunity…The Choice is Ours

Change: Crisis or Opportunity…The Choice is Ours

To see the opportunities during times of change, challenge, and uncertainty takes practice. Learn how.

The Yak Board During Happier Times

Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full Here?

You can reduce your stress level by making it a habit to see the “glass half full”. Are you doing that?

Gratitude as a Stress Buster

  I heard something in an interview with Yanik Silver, an incredibly accomplished internet marketer, that caught me off guard. What he said was so atypical of our culture.  While the interview was about his journey starting an internet business from scratch to running a multi-million dollar enterprise, the interviewer threw out a somewhat random […]

Name your emotion…reduce your stress

Have you ever noticed that if you say “I’m really angry about…” or “I’m feeling defensive right now…” rather than ACTING OUT those emotions, you calm down rather than escalate? Have you ever noticed that if you encourage an upset person to talk about their upsetness (if that’s a word), they often calm down? In […]

Instant Perspective Technique #3

In a previous post, I described the second version of Instant Perspective Here’s the third “type” of Instant Perspective I’ve found useful over the years. It’s consciously asking myself: “How is the glass half full in this situation?” When faced with an unpleasant circumstance, we can focus on what’s bad about it or we can […]

Instant Perspective Tool #2: Compare and Contrast

In the previous post, I shared with you one powerful form of Instant Perspective: Instant Time Perspective. I asking the question “will this be a big deal a year from now(or even a day from now)?”, we are able to put hassles, frustrations, embarrassing moments, in perspective. More importantly, we are able to put them […]

Instant Perspective: The “All Purpose Cleaner” of Stress Management Techniques

I call Instant Perspective the stress management all purpose cleaner because you can use it in just about any situation in which you feel stressed. More specifically, you can use it in situations where you feel: – frustrated – irritated – embarrassed – pressured – nervous – self-pity When you’re feeling stressed – regardless of […]