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If tomorrow never comes…how will you live today?

Even though the whole “Mayan Calendar thing” is over, the talk that it generated offered us a gift, if we’re willing to reflect. That give is reflecting on the concept of “If tomorrow never comes…” to you. That can be a wonderful attention  and intention focuser. It reminds me of the wry observation of Dr. Samuel Johnson, the […]

The Newton Tragedy, Mindfulness, and Gratitude

The Newton Tragedy, Mindfulness, and Gratitude

This morning I was listening to the radio and the morning duo who were talking about the Newton tragedy. They had started a Facebook conversation with listeners  about how we could find some good in the midst of such tragedy. Someone had written in about how tragic events  can remind us of what we have […]

Feel Gratitude, Spread Gratitude, Make Your World a Better Place

Feel Gratitude, Spread Gratitude, Make Your World a Better Place

One of the most powerful and untapped sources of resilience is gratitude. Research on gratitude reveals the tremendous impact it has on happiness and well-being. If you reflect on your own life, you can directly recognize the impact of feeling gratitude. Think of times something really good happened to you, especially if it came as […]

Lisa Ryan, founder of Grategy

How the Practice of Gratitude Can Fortify You

You probably know about the growing body of research showing the health and happiness benefits of practicing gratitude. If not, just search “Gratitude Research”, and there it’ll be. However, regularly practicing gratitude is also a huge resilience-building strategy. It’s also one of the best ways to be an “Energizer” (I have an article on this […]

Give thanks…and brighten someone’s day

I just received a heart warming email that reminded me how important it is for us to let those people who have made a difference in our lives know that. Here’s the email I received (the sender gave me permission to share it): “A long while ago you posted an article about a young woman […]

Gratitude as a Stress Buster

  I heard something in an interview with Yanik Silver, an incredibly accomplished internet marketer, that caught me off guard. What he said was so atypical of our culture.  While the interview was about his journey starting an internet business from scratch to running a multi-million dollar enterprise, the interviewer threw out a somewhat random […]