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Rex Castle and Me at our BBQ Confab

Your Resilience Might Inspire Others Without You Realizing It

I heard a very cool story from friend and colleague Rex Castle from Tyler Technologies in Lubbock, TX a couple of months ago. It’s a great example how you just be your resilient self..or practicing resilience…can insipre others. I was down there doing a program on story-telling, and Rex, over a meal of Texas BBQ, shared how […]

We are stronger than we realize

  In reviewing my “Quotes and Poems” folder for a program I’m doing tomorrow on resilience, titled “How to Avoid Burnout”, I came across one of my favorite scenes and quotes from a movie. It’s from the Lord of the Rings where Frodo is reflecting on the overwhelming nature of his task and the journey ahead, […]

Resilient as a Skunk...

The Power of Skunk-Like Resilience

If you want unshakable confidence in your ability to handle life’s challenges, but haven’t been doing the things to build greater resilience, maybe you will find inspiration by reflecting on The Way of the Skunk…. ….As I walked the trails of the Schmeeckle Reserve in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in the early morning this past July, […]