Instant Perspective – Part III

The “Glass Half Full” Technique

Here’s the third “type” of Instant Perspective I’ve found to be incredibly useful for reducing my stress level over the years.

It’s consciously asking myself: “How is the glass half full in this situation?”

When faced with an unpleasant circumstance, we can focus on what’s bad about it or we can focus on what is good… or at least how it could be a lot worse than it is.

Neither seeing the glass as half empty or half full is “right”, they are both accurate and valid perspectives.

We have a choice though, on which perspective we chose.

Whichever Perspective We Choose Has a Consequence

Obviously each perspective has its own emotional consequences. For instance, awhile back I got stuck in the Austin airport for five hours. Anxious to get back home, I was not thrilled by this.

But, as the time ticked on, I kept reminding myself “At least it looks like I’ll get home tonight and get to sleep in my own bed.”

While I ended up getting home at 2:30 AM instead of 10 PM, I felt thankful that I had been able to get home at all.

It’s Not Right Or Wrong…It’s Just a Much More Useful Question

I’ve found that using this simple stress management technique helps me feel thankful and in good cheer in situations where I could easily stress myself out by thinking: “Why did THIS have to happen?” or “Oh great… isn’t THIS wonderful…”

So, when you’re faced with an unpleasant surprise, ask “How is The Glass Half Full?”

Notice how, by doing so, your stress level decreases, your mood improves, and you’re able to deal with the situation in a calmer, more serene way.