Activate your frontal lobes with a big vision…here’s why

I just shared a really cool quote from Dr. Robert Cooper with a leadership team who is facing the challenge of keeping employee morale high during some difficult changes they’re going through. One of the laments I heard from employees was they are hungering for some kind of vision of where they are going. They said they needed it to remain optimistic in the midst of all the negative news.

Here’s a neurological explanation for why it’s important to have a compelling vision:

“A.R. Luria, the famous Russian neurosurgeon, studied the forebrain and how our perception of time affects health and performance. When we look further ahead each day, beyond our immediate to do list—reaching ahead at least five years, envisioning the life and work we wish to achieve—the forebrain’s key areas are activated.

Let areas of the forebrain atrophy because you fail to stimulate them to envision the future, and you automatically, invisibly, deep in your brain’s structure, become more rigid and rule-anchored, unable to change. You get mired in old habits and limitations, less able to survive change, let along dream big and make those dreams into realities.”

It’s very easy when you’re living in a rushing, reactive mode to have the frontal lobes all but drowned out by the doom-and-gloom brain regions that clamor for attention and can flood your body with stress chemicals at the slightest bit of pressure or foreshadowing of change.  (pg. 25)

 Get Out of Your Own Way by Robert Cooper


 By the way, Get Out of Your Own Way is an outstanding book as are all of the Dr. Robert Cooper books I’ve read. His work is a great combination of drawing on solid scientific research, great stories, and very practical “How to” tactics.

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