About David Lee

David Lee has worked in the area of stress management, change management and resilience for over 25 years. He has worked with organizations and presented at conferences throughout North America and abroad.

His work focuses both on helping individuals increase their capacity to deal with stress and change, and helping employers create an environment that leads to a resilient workforce, and what Southwest Airlines calls a “Warrior Spirit.”

His program “Becoming Resilient” has been aired on public radio a number of times.

 His work draws from:

  1. Teachings from ancient wisdom traditions.
  2. Leading edge scientific research on the mind/body connection.
  3. Peak performance techniques from elite athletes and elite warriors.
  4. His own life long journey developing his own resilience.

 Other Websites by David Lee

HumanNatureAtWork.com – This is David’s leadership, organizational resilience, and employee engagement website.

StoriesThatChange.com – This is David’s website on using storytelling as a teaching, coaching, and leadership communication tool.

Comments About David Lee’s Programs:

“Thank you for doing such an outstanding job keynoting our conference. As you could tell by the response, participants loved both the content and the delivery of your presentation.”

Dr. Ian Gawler, Director, The Gawler Foundation, Victoria, Australia

“Weeks after David Lee spoke to our college, people are still talking about the message he sent. One employee thanked our President and said it was a “gift to employees to hear David speak” .  David took the time to get to know US before he stepped foot on campus. We didn’t expect the level of service that he provided. He interviewed people, sent out surveys and dug deep to find out exactly what our college needed to go from good to great.  He then customized a program that fit what we needed and has been great with follow-up and feedback. It’s clear he truly cares. David does more that give a great speech a leave, he transforms the culture.”

Deb Carlson, PhD, Nebraska Methodist College: The Josie Harper Campus

 “David Lee is a gifted, highly informative, and engaging speaker… Besides being consistently one of our top speakers, David is very easy to work with.”

Dr. Ruth Buczynski, President, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Connecticut

“When our Human Resources Affiliate was charged with the responsibility to recommend a keynote speaker on a topic related to change management for the New Hampshire Association of Counties Annual Conference, David Lee’s name came immediately to mind.  The thought of developing a keynote presentation as well as useful breakout sessions that appealed to elected officials, departmental managers, supervisors and employees from diverse departments presented a formidable task.  However, David did not disappoint.  In fact, he developed and delivered an inspiring, can do, engaging presentation that was interactive, provided useful tips and flowed easily throughout the day.”   

Norm O’Neil, New Hampshire Association of Counties Annual Conference, NH

“I just want to thank you for such a great presentation (on resilience)!  I got feedback that this was the best conference that we ever had. (Management at the venue) e-mailed me asking for your contact information.  Apparently the staff that was working that day loved your message and they want to hear more.  So – don’t be surprised if you hear from them!”

Anne Charles, Maine Municipal Association, Maine

 “It was a sheer delight to sit back and listen, learn and laugh as David weaved his extensive knowledge of the material with his abundant practical wisdom generously sprinkled with personal reflections, stories and his own wholesome humor. David brings a rare blend of practical knowledge and genuine humanity to his presentations. One cannot help but leave his sessions smarter, and a better human being, as he has a way of touching one’s heart as well as one’s head.”

Bill Gaertner, MD, Wisconsin

 “Your presentation on resiliency is extraordinary. I left with a specific action plan for improving the quality of my daily life. Your kindness, your knowledge, and your energy combined for a helpful and inspirational workshop.”

Brenda Foster, Director of Communications, Healthwise, Idaho

 “What makes David unique is his ability to take analytical information, creatively apply it to real life workplace situations, and then deliver it in a really fun way.”

Fran Liataud, DialogueWorks, Maine

 “David Lee is as funny as he is resourceful. His genius is in tying personal stories into resiliency training, all the while transforming potentially painful subject matter into light-hearted wonderment through laughter.  One cannot help but know, at a subconscious level, that he’s using humor to talk about the unspeakable – and the gift becomes a discovery of what is true, what is right, and what is attainable for us all.”

Sara Wagner, Navajo Area Indian Health Service, Arizona